Walker Inc. is a direct descendant of the NJ Karl Co. which began making brushes in the early 1900’s. The manufacturing side of Walkers was incorporated in 1988 in it’s current form, and presently specializes in Staple-set brushes in virtually any form you can imagine, including cylinders, flats, and curved surfaces.

We do quantities of one of a kind to thousands.

We supply brushes that specifically address customer’s needs, utilizing our computer controlled equipment.

If you have specific production needs, such as Statistical Process control data and analysis, we can take our standard data-gathering and configure it to your needs. Many of our customers take our brushes and install them directly in their equipment without the need for quality inspection.

We are committed to supplying to our customers exactly what they need. We have a reputation for solving problems no one else wants to tackle, and would welcome the chance to do the same for you!

Walker has full Auto CAD capabilities, and can aid you in designing your product from inception through prototyping to production. We are constantly in touch with changes in brush manufacturing techniques available, and are always informed of the latest materials available to the industry. We apply a “generalist” approach to solving our customer’s needs, and often use innovative techniques when necessary. We are also unafraid to recommend the “Old Fashioned Way” when that is called for. We have a good cooperative relationship with many other brush manufacturers, and if what we can make doesn’t suit you, we can work with those who will be able to.

We are very “Computer Literate” and often work with our customers via modem to speed up the development process. That can include everything from converting drawings to other computer formats, to processing orders via EDI computer transfer.

We can either fabricate the blocks that you will need for your brush, or help in the development of the molds you may require to bring your product to realization. We use only the finest materials to fabricate blocks, and as stated before, can supply you with SPC data as necessary. Almost any material can be used as a brush block, including a variety of woods and plastics, and even most metals. We have used plastics for our brushes that are inherently Static Dissipative for those customers who require that feature. Blocks can be dressed in any way you require, using various finishes, and either hot-stamping or pad printing for labeling is available where needed.

Where special tooling is required to fabricate your brush, we have shop facilities to enable us to make it in house, to keep costs to our customer down. Some brushes require machining in themselves, and again, this is done in-house.

Walker sales personnel are well versed in the needs of industry today, and always keep in mind the balance between the right brush for the job, and getting the job done in a cost effective way. We deal with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and GM; and cost-effectiveness is the watch-word at those companies, as it is at yours. Our Sales people know the need for dealing with product specification people and Purchasing agents from the beginning of a project.

Walker produces product to meet the specifications of some of the most demanding customers in the world. We can consistently meet 6 Sigma (6 PPM) production standards when our customer requires that level. We are pursuing ISO 9000 certification, even though this is very costly for a non-Fortune 500 company. We are doing this because we are committed to being a world class company.

When our customers request it, we supply SPC data on their production runs, and many of our customers bypass any incoming quality inspection utilizing this data. This is an important cost savings service.
We live Total Quality Management, from the bottom up. That is, though the impetus for Total Quality starts at the top of a company with firm commitment, the person on the line is the real source for improvement.

Paper and plastic sheet stock transport/cleaning, specialized manufacturing cleaning operations, Static Control solutions, various types of office equipment, retail sales, product labeling equipment, packaging handling, robotic and manual deburring operations, parts handling equipment, electrostatic painting operations, automated cleaning operations, food handling, injury rehabilitation, and many, many more applications!